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The Beginning of the End – Third Year Adventures

Hello World I've decided to document my journey during the most pivot part of my university life, final year. Third year. Big year. This year accounts for 75% of the mark I'll get when I graduate. Last year accounts for 25% and, considering it was a turbulent year to say the least, I still did rather well. Getting a 75% which is a 1st (the highest possible grade) however, it's down from the 85% I got for first year. Naturally the grade might drop a bit since it's a more advanced year, but working 3-4 days a week as well as various other issues got in the way. The grade, wh

Computer Science, University Portfolio

My Panorama Image Stitching Algorithm

As the end of my second year of studying software engineering comes to its end, I would like to reflect on what has been some of my most enjoyable work. The first part of this series, I will be talking about the latest piece of work I submitted - a panorama image stitching algorithm. Throughout this year, the most consistently enjoyable module has, without a doubt, been Functional Programming. Where we used Matlab to solve various image-related issues. Across both semesters we were tasked with restoring distorted images as well as the aforementioned panorama image